tune in | 스타일 로그 - Style Log

Jo Minho, Nana, and Hong Jonghyun of On Style's 'Style Log'

I have been watching Style Log since its last season when Hong Jonghyun hosted along with Lee Soohyuk. I was absolutely in love with the 2 MC's wardrobe as well as the tailored yet playful look they took on throughout the season as they presented on trendy fashion and culture currently popular in South Korea. The language of fashion seems to be quite universal because this is one of the few shows I can watch without subtitles and still understand with my developing Korean skills. When I watch this, not only do I gain major inspiration but I also learn a lot of new vocabulary! haha

Hong Jonghyun is back again this season with two new hosts: Jo Minho (Model), and Nana (Member of After School and Orange Caramel). So far it has been quite fun to watch. It now offers a female outlook on current trends, as opposed to two guys trying to navigate what girls like. Nana certainly has a unique personality that reflects in her fashion sense and I am definitely getting major Spring inspiration from the layered skirt and mesh she is wearing above. 

These photos are from the first episode of the season where we see the 3 MC's separate to find street style looks in stores around Gangnam that suit their personal style. After they created their ideal street style look they paired it with a trending culture item and took street style/blogger inspired photographs. In the second episode, the 3 MC's go to Bukchon, a village full of traditional Korean wooden homes, and visit various places to demonstrate how to have a modern and trendy date in the area.

Interested in tuning in? (as long as you are willing to sacrifice english subtitles!)
You can watch the first episode here,
and the second episode here.

Hope you enjoy as much as I did!

Small Talk | One

Hey guys! As you can see, I am initiating a new thing on my blog in which I talk about random occurrences going on in my life and topics I am interested in. I want to make my blog more conversational and personal in addition to being a style blog, so this is a means to achieve that. They will be called 'Small Talk's but will actually range from being very long to very short talks. Hope you have as much fun reading as I did writing!

This past weekend, I went to sell clothes to a shop downtown in aims to acquire a good amount of spending money for the week. Cornell is on Spring Break right now, and I am one of the few people staying on campus (fun fun), which means all of the dining halls are closed. So I was hoping to get money to spend on food by selling my clothes. Unfortunately, all of the clothes I took to the shop only amounted to $39 based on the stores seriously screwed up system. I gave them about fifteen or so articles of clothing, including an $80 Zara leather jacket I never wore, and got back less than half the price of the jacket! They were clothes that I do not wear anymore or never wore at all so I wanted to get rid of them anyway, but I was a bit disappointed. $39 doesn't benefit me much, so I went to see what I could spend it on at Urban Outfitters to relieve my sorrow. 

Apparently, UO is now selling a few products from the Korean cosmetics brand Tony Moly. I have made a pact with myself that I would only buy things that will benefit me when I go to South Korea next semester to prevent myself from being tempted into buying unnecessary things. And I'm not saying hand creme is at all necessary for anything, BUT I have full intention to indulge in the vast amount of beauty products Korea is known for when I go. This purchase was made to get a taste of what Korea has to offer!

토니모리 피치 핸드크림  
tony moly peach hand cream $8
thoughts: light creamy texture and a lasting sweet peachy scent. has done pretty well so far at moisturizing my skin that has been dry recently because of the cold weather, would recommend. 
cute packaging a+

Speaking of going to Korea, I will be studying abroad in Seoul, South Korea next semester! I have been going through the application process the past couple of months, and it is now official. This summer I will be attending Hanyang University's International Summer School program, and Fall semester I will be studying abroad at Yonsei University. So in total, I will be in Korea for 6 months from July to the end of December. Before coming to Cornell, I had never left California so the thought of being in a completely different country for so long makes me anxious and excited! ^_^ Let me know if you want to see future posts about my interest in Korea or about my preparations before I go.

While at Urban, I also picked up these astrological sign earrings. I was born on Oct 22nd which is the last day of the Libra sign and on the verge of Scorpio. I think I carry the standard traits of both signs. From Libra, I get my need for everything to be balanced leading to me becoming stressed when making critical decisions. And from Scorpio, I get my tendency of being quite emotional and no one will know about it until I break and become a blatantly obvious passive aggressive sass-master (lol what?). I like to think I believe in astrology just a bit, and that my personality may also come from the fact that I was raised around a strong Scorpio - my mother, as well as a strong Libra - my aunt. Also, I have taken notice that most of my very close friends tend to be Libras or Scorpios or somewhere around there. Coincidence? I honestly don't know, but it's interesting nonetheless! 

Kpop fans may have immediately recognized the fuzzy silhouette of Seungri from Big Bang behind my hand haha. Does anyone else think that the he had the best solo comeback out of all of the Big Bang members? Gotta talk to you was so good! Don't even talk to me about T.O.P's Doom Dada, I was so disappointed as I had high expectations in my favorite member. Anyway, my nails! I am definitely not one for glitter, but I have been loving this gold glitter polish as an accent on my nails. The red polish is Urban Outfitter's Blood and the glitter polish is Sally Hansen's 120 Golden Rule.

I have been using the same brand of face scrub since middle school, so I am using this break to enhance my beauty routine. I bought a new cleanser (Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser), which also functions as a makeup remover which is massively convenient. I also bought these face masks that were on sale at Target. My friend, Sooyeon, let me try one of her Korean face masks a couple weeks ago and it was fun so I want to see what the benefits may be of using them over time and also whether my skin improves or not.

It is now 3 am and I should really try to get to sleep, I completely lose control over my sleeping schedule over breaks. I'm pretty sure during Spring break last year that I went to sleep every morning at 5 am - so rebellious. It was nice chitchatting, I hope you enjoyed my Small Talk!

Post in the comments if you have any thoughts or questions about anything I wrote about! You are a very impressive individual if you continued to read this to the end, thank you!

OOTD | Recovering from Winter

Long time no see!
Sadly, menacing frigid temperatures have prevented me from updating as much as I would have liked to these past couple of months. I could barely drag myself out of bed every morning after looking out my window, much less put any thought into outfits beyond pulling on as many layers as possible. I've decided that snow is the enemy and I hate winter (mostly attributed to the fact that a horde of dirty snow was dumped on me by a passing snow plow last month). Which is sad, because when I was in California I dreamed in anticipation of experiencing cold weather and wearing cute layers, but I couldn't have been any more ignorant of how harsh a true winter actually is. Now that the snow has melted, my inspiration and motivation are slowly beginning to manifest themselves again and I hope to bring you more posts soon.
I have been drawn to minimalist and simple jewelry pieces lately. Pieces that are unique because of their shape and geometry seem to have lingered in my mind the longest this past season, and it's not a surprise as this sort of aesthetic has been trending. Piling on simple gold or silver rings and bangles has definitely replaced piling on a bunch of necklaces. I think throwing on a few distinct gold and silver pieces against a slouchier boyish look gives off a rather cool and urban vibe. And I highly suggest piling on the rings, I regret having not put on more (my collection is quite small at the moment)!

Comment and let me know what you think of this trend and what your favorite pieces to accessorize with are. I'd love to hear more from you guys as I begin to update more frequently!

Beanie: uo / Wrap: target / Tank: american eagle / Boyfriend Jeans: gap / Ankle Boots: zara 
Clutch and Necklace: uo / Spiked Bangle and Silver Ring: h&m / Gold Rings: wasteland

What's in My Bag | makeup edition

I'm still relatively new to the whole makeup and beauty thing beyond applying lipstick. Lately I've been attempting to learn as much as I can so that I'm not completely lost once I enter my 20's *when I want to look my best*. I'm looking into trying out a concealer and eyelid primer, do you guys have any suggestions of what I should try out first? Also, does anyone know a good mascara for chaotic eyelashes??? 

Anyway, as I've been experimenting and exploring over the past year, here are what I've found to be essentials in my makeup routine.

1 | Marc Jacobs dot fragrance makeup bag
2 | DCI yummy pocket bag contains necessary feminine things
3 | NYX matte blotting paper
4 | Revlon colorstay foundation in mahogany
5 | MAC liquid eyeliner 
6 | MAC russian red
7 | N7 cherry (my 'go to' for a simple matte red lip)
8 | foundation and eyeshadow brushes
9 | MAC lip pencil in cherry
10 | elf eyeshadows apart of smoky eye kit
11 | eos lip balm
12 | hair ties and clips

{props to Tia Lewis for churning out this gif for me!}